Thursday, July 9, 2015

Up The Peak - Hong Kong

Since my last post I have set off on my travels and am now currently spending some time in Hong Kong visiting my daughter. As I am using my ipad whilst travelling my posts will mainly be photos. Having been here many times before you may be interested in looking back at my old posts if you want more information, you will find I have previously linked to many websites that provide lots of up todate information on exploring this fascinating city.


I caught the Tram up to The Peak and then enjoyed a very slow walk back down to Mid-Levels. Slow not only due to the heat and high humidity but the fact that I was pausing all the time to take the photos I have shared today.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Aberdovey - Aberdyfi - A Summer Walk

This was last week on what was supposedly the first day of summer! An afternoon walk in Aberdovey was cold and windy, especially up at the bandstand where I took these photos
The weather has improved a little this week but still a cold wind.
This post is an experiment with using 'Blogsy' publishing application from my iPad, as I am off on my travels soon and would like to try and stay in touch. I will not have a laptop computer with me, just an iPad so please bear with me as I discover if this is going to work.



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

World at Work 7 - Mya Thaw Tar Lacquer-ware Workshop - Bagan - Myanmar

Continuing with my World at Work series of photos taken on my travels. Today I have chosen photos of the Mya Thaw Tar Lacquer-ware Workshop in Bagan, Myanmar.

I did purchase a piece of this beautiful lacquer-ware, I shared a photo of my bowl on Instagram

I am sharing this post today with Our World Tuesday

If you are interested in seeing more photos of this beautiful country you will find  a series of posts here on my Travel Tales blog.

Please note this post originally appeared on LindyLouMac's World in Photos but I am in the process of moving the themed posts to Travel Tales as I plan to change direction on the photography blog.