Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Laburnum Arch - Bodnant Gardens - National Trust

It is far far too long since I last posted here, actually back in February. I have so many photos that I do want to share here as I am still travelling and taking loads of photos. Somehow real life keeps getting in the way, but I will continue to post from time to time.

Anyway I am today sharing photographs with you of something from my wishlist! A visit to Bodnant Garden to see the Laburnum Arch in flower. Delighted to say actually managed to organise a trip at the right time this year. These photos were taken on June 3rd and to show how much I have been neglecting my blog I have just found the draft! My apologies for the out of season post, but it seemed a shame to waste this stunning scene, so better late than never.

What a wondrous experience it was. Enjoy and if you have never visited Bodnant Garden at the time the laburnum is in bloom maybe this post will inspire you to do so.

Definitely worth timing a visit to see the Laburnum in bloom.