Monday, February 25, 2019

World at Work 11 - Artisan Potter - Jodphur - India.

It was a pleasure to watch this gentleman create some beautiful pieces of pottery when we were in India last year.  I posted the above photograph on my Instagram account yesterday and have since been asked by a follower/friend if I had any more photos. The answer was yes so, I am today posting more photos of the process which I hope will be of interest. 

This post is also continuing with my 'World at Work' series of photos taken on my Travels. At the bottom of the article you will find a list of links to my previous 'World at Work' posts.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Sculpture - Universal Links - Dublin


If you follow me on Instagram - LindyLouMac will recognise this photo from my post  today. When I was checking I had the name of this sculpture correct, realising that the background was interesting I decided to post here with more information.       

I originally took this photo when I visited Dublin last September, because I found the light and shadow attractive.

The sculpture is entitled 'Universal Links on Human Rights' and was commissioned by Amnesty International in 1995 when it was designed by Tony O'Malley. Representing jails holding prisoners of conscience. A sphere of welded interlinked chains and bars, 260 cm in diameter, housing an eternal flame in its centre, powered by natural gas from the Kinsale Head gas field. Located in Dublin you will find it on the traffic island at the junction of Amiens St and Memorial Road, close to Bus├íras and The Customs House.

The following links may be informative if you are interested in reading more.

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Amiens Street - Dublin   Tony O'Malley