Friday, August 28, 2015

Faces on Friday - Bride and Groom - The Peak - Hong Kong

Those of you that have been been following my Photography Blog for sometime may recall having seen photos of Pre Wedding Photo Sessions before. These are normal practice in Hong Kong and the photos are displayed for guests to purchase.
During my last visit I saw quite a few of these photo shoots and of course I took some photos with my Faces on Friday posts in mind.

Faces On Friday - Scooter Fun - The Peak -Hong Kong

                                 Explaining the serious business of using a scooter.

Previously published on Friday August 21st on my photography blog in error, as I had forgotten I had moved this series to Travel Tales!

Will be posting a second Faces On Friday later today just on Travel Tales. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Race The Train 2015 - Tywyn - Wales

Yesterday was an important one in the social calender for Tywyn when the Rotary Club of Tywyn organise an annual major event.

Race The Train. This year was the thirty second Annual Race.

As you will have probably  realised from this post, I am back in Wales! Apologies all my good intentions of posting on a regular basis during the last six weeks whilst I have been travelling never materialised, One was as far as I got, it was not just a lack of time that thwarted my efforts but also that I just do not seem to get on well with the publishing programme that I have on my ipad. Before I go away again I will try and find one that maybe I can cope with.
Anyway I have lots of hopefully interesting posts and photos to share with you over the coming months, yes months I think it will take that long to catch up.