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Hong Kong Trip 2010 – Part One

Originally posted on Saturday, March 27, 2010 on my other blog News From Italy

You may have noticed that this post is headed 2010, this is not a mistake. I have decided before continuing any further with posts about our recent trip that we should skip back in time to our first trip to China in March of last year, when I shared a series of six posts on  News from Italy.


Hong Kong Trip Part One

So lets get started, with our first few hours in Hong Kong. Arriving early morning we had a few hours sleep then started the day feeling refreshed at lunchtime. We spent the afternoon getting our bearings in the Central and Western district the area closest to Selina and Chris's apartment  in Mid-Levels.  The apartment is on the 27th floor, a fact we had to keep from my husband as long as possible before the trip as he hates heights. He managed amazingly well as long as we did not expect him to get too close to the huge windows. In the master bedroom one wall is nearly all glass!
Amazing views from the apartment, so very different from the sort of views we are used to!


Our explorations that first afternoon took us through the antiques district of Hong Kong and down (literally downhill all the way) to Possession Street, also known as Shui Hang Ho which is where the British first landed in 1841, although it is now hundreds of metres inland due to multiple landfills over the years.



We returned to the apartment by returning to mid-levels on the escalator. If you have a minute do read this article about it, although written in 2004, it is still relevant and interesting. Mid Levels Escalator/Dihn Tai

That evening we had our first experience of watching the high-rise skyline light up as dusk falls over Hong Kong.

A far more professional and beautiful shot than I managed to achieve with my camera that really manages to reproduce the magical atmosphere of Hong Kong.
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March 9, 2010
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  1. Stunning photos of the HongKong skyline. It must have been quite magical at night, with all the lights. One of those views that take your breath away I would think.

  2. What wonderful photos!!! especially the last!!!
    Very nice ths Hong Kong!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I just followed your blog. Nice to share travel tips. :) Have a nice weekend.


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