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Hong Trip 2010 – Part Six – Lamma Island


Originally published on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 on  News From Italy

Hong Kong Trip Part Six - Lamma Island.

Back in Hong Kong there were still lots of places that we wanted to see. One place in particular that I had been looking forward to was a trip to Lamma Island.

My particular interest in visiting Lamma Island was because I enjoy the writing of Christine Coleman and her latest novel 'Paper Lanterns' is partially set on the island.

Her website is definitely worth a visit, just click on her name highlighted in blue and you will be redirected there and can learn more about her by scrolling down the page or clicking on the different ‘categories’ list on the right and generally having a browse around while you are there.  Paper Lanterns Review – LindyLouMac's Book Reviews.

Lamma Island is one of our daughter's favourite places in Hong Kong and I can understand why.  Lamma is the closest island to Hong Kong Island and here it would be possible to live a peaceful lifestyle yet be close enough to the city for work, or just some general hustle and bustle when you felt the need.  A fact very much in evidence by the number of bicycles at the ferry pier of the main settlement of Yung Shu Wan when we docked! Click on the blue  links above and below to learn more about life on the Island

On arrival on the island we sampled a delicious selection of Dim Sum for brunch from the Sampan Seafood Restaurant, one of many as the island is known for its restaurants, beaches and country walks.  An easy way to see a fair amount of the beautiful scenery is to take the 4km walking trail across the island to the other main village of Sok Kwu Wan, which is exactly what we did.

A very late fish lunch in Sok Kwu Wan, then the ferry from there back to Hong Kong Island.

There were hundreds of bicycles on the pier!

Hong Kong Volume Four 014

Dim Sum Brunch

Beautiful scenery on the walking trail

Sok Kwu Wan


More photos of our 2010 trip may be viewed HERE.  This link will take you to my Flickr account where in addition to the photo selection shared here you will find lots more.

Thankyou everyone who has commented on our 2010 China Trip, this is the last of my previously published posts. Over the coming months I have lots of delightful places to share with you from our most recent trip to Asia in 2011.  I have already featured  Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical GardensThe Peak Hong Kong and  Hong Kong Park.

As you will have realised from the last paragraph this is the last of my previously published posts, so next time I post we will be back in 2011 Hong Kong but I hope you enjoyed the series of flashbacks to our first visit to China.


  1. Loved this familiar place!
    Looking forward to what you have to share next.

  2. Gorgeous photos Lindy!
    I love seeing places I've never been.
    You captured it so well.

  3. Dear friend, I am jealous .....
    What a beautiful island, this travel is life journey!
    The bad news is that for 2 people, require enough money ...
    Your photos are wonderful, I too liked your trip!
    Be well, to go back!
    many kisses Lindy!!!

  4. Always a fun trip with you..Beautiful pictures of the looked tasty..
    I did a little laugh at seeing the bikes hanging on the bridge..pretty clever idea..They don't worry about people stealing, that is for sure..look at the classy way they handled the Nuclear looting or anything.. Honorable people..

  5. The dim sum is what I remember most fondly of my quick stopover in Hong Kong. I'd never had it before and I LOVED it! Pity I can't find any here... so yummy!


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