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Wengen Switzerland

             Coat of Arms of Wengen   

Wengen is a Swiss holiday resort, altitude 1300m (4265 ft) , facing southwest at the foot of the imposing Eiger - Mönch - Jungfrau mountain range in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. .

Wengen is well known for its pure mountain air and although today I am sharing its winter views, with access only by train many visitors find its peaceful tranquillity an all year round attraction.  The village has retained the charm and character of a typical mountain village, helping to make it a perfect destination for all kinds of holidays, from exciting winter sports to relaxing, walking or just getting away from it all.

As well as the scenic attractions of the resort it is also one of very few car-free resort villages in Europe, although there are a few service vehicles, local farm vehicles and taxi’s.

As I write Europe is still in the grip of ‘ a big freeze’, one of the coldest winters for many years, so a ski resort may therefore be the last place that many people are interested in reading about at the moment. Holidays in the snow, in the mountains though are a very different experience to coping with snow and cold in ones everyday life.  If you are already a fan of winter sports holidays you will understand, if not let me tempt you otherwise in this post and the next few that I have planned to show you more of the beautiful surroundings.

In our family winter sports holidays have played an important part of our year for a very long time and Wengen is a particular favourite.  My husband has been visiting this resort for well over fifty years, introducing myself ,our daughters and close family friends to this special place over thirty years ago.

Another four generations that have discovered the delights of Wengen, as this resort has long been popular with the British.  It was in the early 20th century,  that British tourists started ski-clubs in the area and Wengen is the home of The Downhill Only Club, one of the oldest British alpine ski clubs, founded there in 1925.

Wengen  hosts the internationally well-known Lauberhorn ski races, and has done so since 1930.  In addition to being one of the technically most challenging downhill races, the Lauberhorn is the longest race( 4.455m or 2.77 miles) in the FIS World Cup circuit and arguably the most scenic.

I will let my photographs continue the Travel Tale with some  general village scenes.  Next time I will share some photos of our current personal favourite Wengen hotel.

Wengen Village viewed from Allmend


Wengen’s main street.



Wengen’s Ice Rink is under all this snow!


An interesting mode of transport!






The Nursery slopes


  Mannlichen Cable Car


The Lobhorn


Traditional cowbells







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With thanks to the following sources which I used for help in compiling this post.  If you are interested in more information about the resort it is worth visiting these links. and Wengen Snow Report

All photos are my own taken in December 2011 and January 2012. Copyright All rights reserved by LindyLouMac Photo Collection


  1. With the nature works, the big freeze will probably be followed by the big rain, the big wind and finally the big heat. The other night RAI news interviewed people at random on the weather, and one woman (with roots in Germany), said that she was accustomed to this type of weather that we're experiencing now. I had to laugh at how she just shrugged it all off as another day in winter. Bring on the bier and hasenpfeffer!

  2. Wow all the snow really make the scenery very beautiful. Nice to see you back blogging.

  3. Such gorgeous country! A must see in my lifetime for sure! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

  4. If you are already a fan of activities vacations you will comprehend, if not let me lure you otherwise in this publish and the next few that I have thought out to demonstrate you more of the wonderful environment.

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  5. And they say California is beautiful....haa! You live in paradise!

  6. This looks like a beautiful place to visit. Those cowbells are amazing. What was that wooden thing?

  7. Oh Linda, those are magnificent!! I haven't been to Switzerland for a couple of years and how I miss it. :-)

  8. Thx for this nice report. We are looking forward to welcome you in Wengen again.

  9. Fantastic photos and I love that pink sky. I have never been on snow skis we only used to water ski in the hot sun :) Diane

  10. What a wonderful series of images Linda!
    We have gotten very little snow this year.
    There has never been a winter quite like it, in my memory.

  11. Wow, Linda, these are great photos!! I love the ones with the snowy mountain scenes, but your other shots are equally fantastic!
    I just realized that you're a Taurean, like me. My birthday is May 10. Wonder if we have a lot in common...haha.

  12. Just gorgeous. Brings back so many happy memories, though some of my memories had less snow!

  13. Gorgeous photos of Switzerland and love seeing all of the snow! Something I so miss in Texas

  14. Beautiful!
    You're right, dealing with severe cold is a lot easier when you're involved in winter sports! Plus in a country that is used to the cold... we had a tough time of it in some parts of Spain because it almost never gets "truly" cold so the houses aren't prepared for it! Everyone's electric/gas bills went through the roof with the excess heating needed those couple of freezing weeks! :p

  15. Hi. I have been reading your blog and as you are familiar with the Wengen area wondered if you or any of your contributors could help me. I have been trying to find out precise information about the Jungfrau non skiers pass.
    Owing to injury, I am no longer able to ski, but depending on what this pass covers, I may accompany the rest of my (skiing) family on a trip to Wengen.
    My problem is that, despite trawling the internet, I can not find out precise details of where I can and can't go with this pass. I can not even find an address for a tourist office in Wengen, so this is a plead for help.
    Can you offer any info. or suggest any web addresses? I would greatly appreciated it if you could. If not thanks anyway. kj.

    1. There is plenty to do in Wengen for a non skier and you will be able to meet up with your family for lunch by using the train and cable car link ups. Certainly worth buying the pass, you can decide on exactly what will meet your requirements when you reach the resort.

      The Wengen tourist office is located in the centre of town, they have English speaking staff who can give you information regarding all aspects of the village.
      Contact the tourist office for timetables, transportation, activities, accommodation, facilities and any general enquiries you may have during your stay
      Wengen, Switzerland
      +41 33 855 14 14


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