Monday, March 19, 2012

Machynlleth and Aberdovy North Wales

Machynlleth is a small market town at the head of the Dyfi estuary in Powys. I do not think we had ever explored the town before, I certainly do not remember ever having done so. Although many years ago we did visit the nearby Centre for Alternative Technology, where you can see hands on displays and gardens. They have a cafe in the town and also the fact that the centre is nearby seems to have attracted many sellers of arts and crafts to the town. Two claims to fame are that Machynlleth is thought to have been the location for the coronation of the Welsh rebel Owain Glyndwr as Prince of Wales in 1404, also Charles 1 is reputed to have stayed in the town in 1644. 

Nowadays Machynlleth is probably best known as the 'town with the clock' which was built by the townspeople in the 1870's. It is the hub of the town, from which the three main streets radiate. A charter granted in 1291 by Edward 1 gave the right for a market to be held in the streets of Machynlleth every Wednesday for ever.

It was Wednesday and therefore market day when we visited, but a wet cold day in January meant it was neither a good day to explore the town or shop in the market. In fact the market was very much depleted in size, as you will notice in my photos, a distinct lack of market stalls.


After enjoying our vegetarian lunch in the cafe owned by the Centre for Alternative Technology,  we headed back towards Tywyn, stopping off in Aberdovy on the way as the rain had stopped and we wanted to have a walk around there.

Aberdovy is the English spelling for Aberdyfi a village on the north banks of the River Dyfi estuary in Gwynedd on the coast. Although founded on a shipbuilding and harbour industry it is nowadays a seaside resort. The centre is on the river and seafront around the original harbour, jetty and beach but it stretches back up the hillside immediately behind it. I hope my photos will give you an idea of the atmosphere of the place, even on a grey day.


I would like to return to  Machynlleth and Aberdovy but next time on a warm and sunny day.                                  

All photos will enlarge if you click on them, however if you would prefer to view the photos individually, you may do so in My album entitled Travel Tales - Machynlleth and Aberdovy

For more information I direct you to the sources I used myself, Machynlleth - WikipediaCentre for Alternative TechnologyAberdyfi - Wikipedia


  1. This looks like a wonderful little place to wander Linda.
    I love the clock!
    Thank you for taking us along with you!

  2. Beautiful photos, I love, a wonderful place. Greetings.

  3. Enjoyed seeing the street scenes and the market of the little town.

  4. Hi Linda,

    Unfortunately it is commonplace that many of the traditionally well supported street markets are having a tough time of it right now.

    Our own market in Frome is very much depleted, although I love your shot of the cobbled street, as we have our own very steep cobbled streets called Stony Street and Catherine Hill.

    I always love sea-front shots, yours are great, despite the good old British weather!

  5. Wonderful travel post! I love that you write some history here and of course all the beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing! :-)

  6. Lovely little town!

    For me the names Machynlleth and Aberdyfi bring to mind the books "The Grey King" and "Silver on the Tree" by Susan Cooper! She's the one who first ignited my curiosity for Wales :o)


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