Monday, September 24, 2012

Sai Kung - Hong Kong

Sai Kung town, which now has a population of about 13,000 was a small undeveloped fishing village until the fishing industry declined in the 1970’s and many fishermen moved into other businesses such as fish farming, eco tourism and seafood restaurants. A major reclamation project between 1978 and 1993 led to subsequent development of new buildings, shops, promenade, piers, public swimming pool and other facilities. Improvements to roads and public transport have seen the town grow to become a commuter town popular with ex-pats but the town still retains much of its old charm and fishing village atmosphere. The colourful harbour is always a hive of activity and sampans line the promenade selling catches of seafood direct to the public and local seafood restaurants.
The plan was to have lunch at one of the many fish restaurants along the promenade, where you can choose your own fish from the tanks, or even direct from the fishermen, then discuss with the waiters how you would like your choices cooked.  
I will let the photos tell the story, yes I did take the first one because of the red mini!

Strange Sculptures!

We made our way through the town to the promenade which is where as I mentioned earlier all the action is. 

We selected Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant to have lunch at, we choose our fish from the tanks and then discussed with the waiters how we would like it prepared.

After to lunch we had a stroll around the town.

Our last stop was to buy tea, an interesting experience as you taste before you buy.

  After tea it was time to head back to Mid - Levels

Getting there:-

MTR KWUN TONG LINE to Diamond Hill MTR Station then KMB bus service 92 (approx every 12/20 mins – journey time about 40 mins) to Sai Kung Bus Terminus (next to harbour side). 

There are other ways to get there with a combination of MTR and bus, but this is the way we got there and it was a pleasant scenic ride. The final stage of the journey is always going to be on a bus, as there is no MTR there.

With thanks to the following sites for the background information included in this post. The links will take you directly to the pages on Sai Kung if you are interested in learning more about the area. 

                                      All photos are my own taken in October 2011.
                                 Copyright All rights reserved by LindyLouMac Photo Collection 
The photos may also be viewed individually in my album entitled Travel Tales - Sai Kung - Hong Kong at My account. 


  1. Beautiful photos, very interesting post!

  2. Woo I love the photos and the experience sound amazing...........

  3. I love prawns!

    My friend here in Kuantan has a whole collection of tea pots and various teas. Very interesting.

  4. A truly amazing place Linda.
    Wonderful photographs!

  5. Hong Kong looks amazing! I love that you get to try the tea before you buy it. Though that might be dangerous for me...

  6. Great captures! Travel is wonderful, it teaches us so much!

  7. Good post and love that cutest tea set!


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