Tuesday, April 7, 2015

World at Work 6 - Washday - Ayeyarwady River - Mingun - Myanmar

Continuing with my World at Work series of photos taken on my travels. Today I have chosen photos of Washday in Myanmar on the River Ayeyarwady River.

If you are interested in seeing more photos of this beautiful country you will find  a series of posts here on my Travel Tales blog.

Please note this post originally appeared on LindyLouMac's World in Photos but I am in the process of moving the themed posts to Travel Tales as I plan to change direction on the photography blog.


  1. Hi Linda. Hope you are well and had a super Easter. Love this post. Can you just imagine doing this . Amazing how our lives differ so much. Super photos and thank you for sharing xo Anne

  2. That's quite a hard work ! I honestly prefer my washing machine. The pictures are beautiful !

  3. Interesting how they lay all their clothes on the ground to dry.

  4. love your shots of the women washing at t he river! Hope all is well for you!


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