Sunday, May 10, 2015

Greenway - National Trust - Devon

On March 25th  during a visit to Devon, I had the pleasure of visiting the National Trust property 'Greenway'.   The property was the holiday home of the author Agatha Christie and her family during the nineteen fifties.  Set high on a hill above the River Dart, the extensive gardens and woodlands are a pleasure to wander in. The house itself is a delight to explore as it has been set in the fifties and is very atmospheric of the era.
Greenway House
River Dart viewed from the lawn in front of house.

The photos shared of the house are shown in the order they were taken as I wandered around the house, feeling as if I had been transported back to the fifties. 

 A stroll around the extensive grounds followed, a few photos of which are shared here, including a visit to 'The Boathouse' the place known to Agatha Christie readers as the place where Marlene Tucker was strangled in the novel 'Dead Man's Folly'.

'Greenway' was described by Agatha Christie  as 'The loveliest place in the world', during my travels I have seen many places that also deserve this description. In my opinion there are thousands of such places in this beautiful world we live in, I do agree though that 'Greenway' is certainly one of them.

If you have the opportunity to visit 'Greenway', I highly recommend buying a copy of the National Trust Guidebook. It fills in the background to the information you will glean from the knowledgeable guides as you tour the house and enhance your tour of the garden. Of course it is also a great momento, one I will be picking up again as it is definitely somewhere I would want to visit again and again, if I get the opportunities.  With thanks to the descendants of Agatha Christie who gave this stunning place to the National Trust for us all to enjoy.

The photos used here are all my own and they are just a selection of the ones I took during the visit. I will be using others on LindyLouMac's World in Photos. In fact I have already posted a few of the gorgeous Rhododendrons and Camellias that were in bloom during my visit. Please consider following if you are interested in seeing more photos from 'Greenway', make sure you let me know and I will return the compliment, thankyou.

Glorious Rhododendron and Camellia    Magnolia and Camellia Blooms - Greenway house

With thanks to the following sites, where you can find out more about 'Greenway' and Agatha Christie

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  1. i love the kitchen and the boathouse. my style for those. the hallway at the beginning is almost the size of my living room.

  2. What a lovely place! Your photos are fantastic. Thank you for the tour.

  3. Ever since Diane posted photo's a few years back about Devon and Agatha Christie, I have always wanted to visit. Your photos are lovely and I thank you for sharing a bit of a dream of mine!!

  4. I remember seeing many photos of this beautiful property in a biography of Agatha Christie. Your photos are great - like a private tour!

  5. I loved this as I knew I would. Following one of my favorite bloggers on a tour of a home that belonged to one of my favorite authors! Of course I loved it. I t is so interesting to think about how she loved this peaceful and serene looking home and surroundings so much and yet thought the way she did to write what she did!

  6. And P.S., I pulled DeadMans Folly up on my Kindle collection to re-read. This time I'll be paying more attention to the setting! (And I can't yet remember 'who dun it'.)

  7. I've been there Linda, and it's lovely. Beautiful photos-thanks for bringing it all back!

  8. Very atmospherici indeed! Agatha must have received a lot of inspiration there. Beautiful home and outbuildings and gorgeous views.

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