Thursday, November 19, 2015

Polesden Lacey - National Trust Property - Surrey - England

Polesden Lacey is an Edwardian house, extended from an older one and estate, owned and run by the National Trust. It is located on the North Downs at Great Bookham, near Dorking, Surrey, England. 

As I spent the majority of my childhood in Great Bookham, the grounds of this wonderful estate were my local playground when I was growing up. It was safe in those days to let your young teenagers disappear for a whole day on their bicycles and the estate was such a wonderful playground. We used to have such fun there in those lazy hazy days with no modern technology to distract us.

When my own family were growing up we used to take them there often with their grandparents. At least three generations, possibly more if I do some more family research sometime, of our family have visited and enjoyed this property over the years.

Therefore it seemed only natural then when I was in Surrey in September with my youngest daughter, her husband and a friend for us to pay a visit to Polesden Lacey. Unfortunately it was this time only a fleeting visit due to other commitments but I will be back.

I did manage a quick look around the house and took the opportunity to take a few photos to share here and on Instagram and LindyLouMac's World in Photos which I hope you will enjoy.  

The following four  paragraphs are the overview of  Polesden Lacey  on the National Trust Website.

'This is a delicious house...' remarked Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother on her honeymoon at Polesden Lacey. This country retreat, only four miles from Dorking and junction 9 of the M25, has glorious views across the rolling Surrey Hills and acres of countryside.  It was home to famous Edwardian hostess Mrs Greville, who entertained royalty and the celebrities of her time.

Marvel at the glittering Gold Room, designed to impress kings and maharajahs, or Mrs Greville's extensive collection of art and ceramics ranging from world-famous Dutch old masters to sparkling Fabergé objects.

The gardens offer something for every season, including climbing roses at their best in June, a herbaceous border that we’re currently restoring to pre-war glories and a winter garden bursting with yellow aconites.

The wider estate provides plenty of space to let off steam on a walk through woodland or over rolling hills, with four waymarked trails to try.

                                       With the courtesy of the National Trust and YouTube. 

The remainder of my photos will give you a glimpse inside the house from the grand entrance hall through to below stairs via the sumptuous rooms used for entertaining.

With thanks to the following sites, where you can find out more about Polesden Lacey.


  1. What an incredible piece of history. The architecture and style is just magnificent. I could roam around this place all day and not get tired. You indeed were very lucky to have spent time there as a young girl.

  2. What an incredible place to play!!! I would've loved that. :-)

  3. Wow it looks beautiful and so nice that they allow you take photos inside. Interesting that all your family have been there over the years. Have a good weekend Diane x

  4. what and exciting place to play when young. so beautiful. love the house and am glad you let us visit inside with you. that bathroom blows my mind. and the chandelier is fantastic and i like the room it is in...

  5. I would have loved this building and grounds on my doorstep. I have visited and enjoyed sitting in a deckchair admiring the view.

  6. I'm glad you were able to spend some time recently in an area that has so many memories of childhood and later visits. How wonderful to have had the opportunity to play in Polesden Lacey's grounds! There must be so many treasures inside the house to see with the chandeliers being magnificent examples.

  7. I have always been more interested in the grounds than the interior of POlesden Lacy, and we used to go and stay in Tanners Hatch youth hostel, a little cottage visible from the terrace. It's a wonderful place and I love the herbaceous borders and formal gardens in the summer. I hope they're still there but my hunch is that they will be!

  8. Grand interiors! Wonderful virtual tour for me.

  9. The Queen Mum was right ... It is a delicious home! I didn't have quite such an elegant playground as a child (no comparison actually) but we were lucky to be able to roam free too ... We were lucky!

  10. Despite living not far from Polesdon Lacy for 11 years I am embarrassed to admit that we never managed to visit when it was open. We tried to go once when it was closed. So thank you for showing me what I have missed.


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