Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ynysymaengwyn - Snowdrop Time - Tywyn - Wales

On Sunday afternoon I took my camera on a walk to the local beauty spot of  Ynysymaengwyn as I wanted to photograph the last of the snowdrops.
From the late medieval period until the twentieth century, Ynysymaengwyn, situated roughly a mile from Tywyn by the road to Bryn-crug, was by far the most powerful estate in the parish. The family's wealth is revealed in official records and also in the Welsh poetry composed to its leading members.

The glorious beauty of the carpet of snowdrops are well worth seeing and lifts the spirit. Nature is wonderful.

You can find out more about Ynysymaengwyn  on the following websites.

Wikipedia    Ynysymaengwyn - Caravan and Camping Park   Facebook Page


  1. Love to travel along. At first, from the names of the places, I could not place your location. Also, on your side panel, from Downton Abbey's episode, a car race from Brookland was featured. How serendipitous!

  2. I loved your post and it was so apt as this afternoon I saw carpets of them at Fountains Abbey. Your photos exceed anything I could achieve.

  3. Fabulous photos. Our snowdrops are frozen stiff this morning as are the daffodils, I just hope they recover. Take care Diane

  4. the snowdrops are so beautiful, lovely photos of them and the woods..

  5. Beautiful woods -- the snowdrops are magical. I'll go to the link -- hope it will show me how to pronounce the name!

  6. So so gorgeous!! How I love snowdrops. :-)

  7. OMG what a beautiful place! I love snowdrops and there are lot of snowdrops. In finnish language it is lumikello (snowbell). I'd like to be under these big trees :)

    With best wishes VirpiN from instagram


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