Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dahlia - Flower - The Beauty of Mother Nature

I enjoyed a fabulous road trip recently and I came home with over a thousand photos on my camera! I am planning to share some of these over the coming months on this blog if I can find the time.

I miss blogging as I have always enjoyed the interaction with others around the world, so I will do all I can to post from time to time. I cannot promise that the real world will not get in the way though.

This dahlia photo is a particular favourite of mine that I have also shared on Instagram where I do still post everyday!


  1. A beautiful shot. I have not got time for Instagram as well, life does get in the way but I have no regrets on that point. Have a great week Diane

  2. That dahlia is beautiful! I love white flowers and this variety of dahlia is perfect with that hint of yellow in the middle. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos from your road trip on your blog. Linda xx


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