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Debenham - Teapot Factory - Suffolk

When we left my sister's we drove across from the west coast of Wales across England almost to the east coast where we spent a few days with friends who live in Suffolk, not far from the Norfolk border.  When we are staying with them we usually have a day out to visit somewhere in the local area, previous visits to SouthwoldDiss and Norwich I briefly mentioned on News From Italy ( here and here) when I was still including our travels on that blog.

This year we visited the charming medieval Suffolk village of Debenham where we enjoyed a walk around the village and a visit to the Teapot Pottery which was absolutely fascinating.

Debenham Parish is situated just over eleven miles north of  Ipswich and consists of 3,271 acres in the administrative area of Mid Suffolk District Council.  Records indicate that the population for Debenham in 1801 was 1,215; rising to 1,629 in 1831, but by 1901 had reduced to 1,182. The resident population of Debenham, the 2001 Census, was 2,076 residing in 878 properties.  Debenham has a very long history extending back to the Iron Age more details can be found on the Debenham Local Website

As you will see from my photos, the village is full of delightful residences.

Carter's Teapots - Collectable Teapots
Tony & Anita Carter set up their pottery in the beautiful village of Debenham set deep in the Suffolk countryside over thirty years ago in 1978 to be precise.

The pottery mainly designs and makes collectable teapots, each one being carefully cast and painted by hand, resulting in no two teapots being exactly the same. On the underside of some of the full size pots you will see it is numbered, relating to the year of design and its production. This of course adds greatly to their uniqueness and collectability. The pottery is known as one of England’s leading makers of handmade collectable teapots, supplying shops and stores throughout the UK with over 70% of the pottery/output exported throughout the world.
To read more about the pottery and see the Teapot they have designed for Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee this year, please visit the Website.
My photos are of teapots that were on display the day of our visit, earlier this year.  Which one would you chose?  I would have found it very difficult to decide if I had been going to buy one!

My mosaics and photos will enlarge if you click on them, however if you would prefer to view the photos individually, you may do so in My album entitled. Travel Tales - Debenham - Suffolk, also on the following website there are lots more photos of the village. Suffolk Photographs

For further information I direct you to the sources I used myself, Diss - WikipediaNorwich - Wikipedia, Southwold Website  Debenham - WikipediaSuffolk PhotographsDebenham Local Website, and Carter's Teapots - Collectable Teapots.

With thanks to Suffolk Old Maps for the image at the top of the post.


  1. I agree with you about how charming Debenham is, and your photos capture it beautifully! But, I have never managed to get to the teapot pottery. I will really make an effort next time I'm in the area. I would love the one shaped like a caravan! I don't know why, I am not a particular fan of caravanning, but it just tickles my fancy,

  2. Wonderful post!! I adored this teashop and 'factory' -- used a few images myself on a post about 'A Nice Cup of Tea' :)

    Cheers and here's to Tony Carter teapots, Debenham, and Suffolk! Happy travels.

  3. Debenham is certainly a very pretty little village, and that teapot factory looks fascinating. So many of them to choose from! I liked the one shaped like a strawberry pot of jam. But I would really go for the typewriter one, which is exactly like the one I learnt to type on in about 1964.

  4. What a wonderful trip, Linda!
    I love the mosaic you have created here.

  5. Love your new blog header too!!

  6. Those teapots are astounding. What fun it would be to have one - but how could you ever choose?

  7. What a delightful village! How nice to get to go there! I love the whimsical teapots! What fun!

  8. Wow, now those are some fantastic teapots! What a wonderful quaint village. Sounds like you had so much fun.

  9. Hi Linda,

    I love the teapots, although I wouldn't want them in my house, can't abide dust collectors! My personal favourite is the last one, shaped like a stack of books! I am always amazed at just how many people collect them though. Whenever we have them donated into our charity shop, they are always snapped up almost immediately.

    'Debenham' looks like a great little place, although I know very little about that part of the country. We have friends who live in a place called 'Eye', which is somewhere near Diss, although we have never visited them, as they are down our way regularly to visit relatives in Bristol, so we generally meet up then.

    Lovely post, they are always so interesting.


  10. All those teapots are so wonderful I love them and I mean love them I have been trying to decide which one is the best and it is so hard but I will go with.........the typewriter I think although the wedding cake one is also just so cute............

  11. You have done a wonderful job on it and everywhere looks great! Thank you for featuring us and for coming to see us here at the Teapot Pottery. We hope you enjoyed your stay in England?

    We look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Best wishes

  12. I have seen Debenham and the factory in "Escape to the country" ! I love to watch it not because of the houses, but because they also show the country and the most interesting places, so for me it's some sort of sightseeing tour of the UK and gives me ideas where to go when I stay with my friends in Eastbourne each year. Last year I visited Oxford after my stay with them and stayed 3 days in the Balliol college ! The teapots are lovely I have seen them here but they are quiet expensive ! and

  13. Oh I love all the teapots in the factory. They looked so cute and pretty. Thanks for dropping by my travel blog. :)

  14. LOL! Shouldn't all bookcrossers have the book teapot? ;-)

  15. Oh my gosh, I love this post! The teapot shaped like a stack of books would be perfect on my blog (Art,Books,Tea!) The one that looks like an old-fashioned sewing machine is fascinating, too! I hope I get to visit England one day. Italy and England are the two places I would most love to see! Until then, thanks for sharing your photos!


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