Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hotel Pallotta - Assisi - Umbria - Italy

A brief post just to update my readers here and very unusually for an Italian location, which normally I restrict to News From Italy, but circumstances have dictated otherwise today. 
Last weekend we went away to Umbria for the weekend to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary.  We visited a number of the beautiful hill towns en route and spent a couple of days in Assisi.  Since our return home I have been having computer problems, resulting in a complete failure that meant it went away to be repaired. I was told it would probably require a new hard drive, but no the computer engineer told us he had managed to sort it without replacing. It worked for about half a day, then started misbehaving exactly as before.  My husband has managed to reset it yet again and I am frantically trying to post on the blogs,before it crashes yet again. 

A taster of our trip to Assisi then today with a few photos of the views from our hotel both over the city in one direction and from the other side over the surrounding plains.

Views over the city from our room.

Views over the rooftops to the surrounding plains from the other side of the hotel.

Interior hotel views.

The Hotel also has a very pleasant Trattoria in the town where we had a couple of excellent meals. More details can be found by visiting the hotel's website for which I have included the link below.

Hotel Pallotta Website

I will write a full post about Assisi for my News From Italy blog once the computer issues are sorted.

It looks like I shall be taking a forced blogging break while these problems are sorted out. I may be away some time as we also have a few busy weeks ahead of us in real life, with Birthday celebrations and friends visiting to look forward to.

I will be back as soon as possible with more Travel Tales. 


  1. Exactly how I pictured a hotel in Umbria. The charm, the views and that stairwell. Can we trade lives for a day ;)

  2. Wooo lovely is not a strong enough word and neither is charming but these photos are both of these things and a whole lot more....the shot over the rooftops is oh so wonderful and breathtaking you are so lucky to have gone on such a tip and how many years is a ruby anniversary....

  3. Linda, so many blogs for us to catch up on!! I absolutely love photo number 5 in this post sequence, the rooftop one through the arch. It's delightful, and the Hotel looks just like the sort of place I would choose to stay! Love the lobby and the cute shaped windows. I'm sure you had a very special time. 40 years really is something to celebrate!

  4. Hope your problems are sorted soon, its sooo annoying!!! I loved Assisi even though I got a horrible migraine the minute I set foot in the place. It's always nice to know what a hotel is like. And some of your photos are ravishing!

  5. Belated Happy Anniversary. I wondered where you were but obviously the computer was the problem and not you!! That hotel looks fantastic and your photos are excellent. Have a good day. Diane

  6. Happy Anniversary to you!
    This looks like a wonderful place to visit.
    I love all of the wonderful textures and tones of the buildings.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  7. Love all of your photos here, but especially the one out of the window overlooking the rooftops and the plains. Looks as if this is a place absolutely loaded with Italian Charm. Lovely

  8. I know Assisi is a beautiful place! The hotel is really fantastic and I would love to stay there! It's so old and full of charm!

    Your photos are truly beautiful, Lindy! They make me wish I could be there right now!



  9. We have been in that place but I don't think that we visit those beautiful places in that picture. I think that I need to go back and make sure to visit those places in the picture.

  10. Hi Linda,

    First of all, congratulations on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary and for all the Birthday celebrations you have coming up.

    I do hope that you manage to get the computer back and working soon. We all complain about technology taking over our lives, but we soon miss it when it isn't there!!

    I have never been to Italy, although Dave has travelled quite extensively with his job, although mostly to the major cities. Your hotel looks fabulous and so very quirky and the views are to die for. I look forward to reading more about the trip in due course.

    Our Niece and her husband are out your way very soon, attending a friends wedding in Sicily and are really looking forward to the experience. The groom is Italian and the bride English, so they decided to hold the wedding in the groom's home village.

    Take Care,


  11. Happiest of anniversaries to you, Linda!! I absolutely LOVE these photos, and feel like I've taken a mini-vacation just by looking at them. :-)

  12. The photos here and on your other blog are amazing. you've captured the essence of Assisi in your beautiful collages there.


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