Thursday, August 9, 2012

Connaught Road and Western Market Areas - Hong Kong

Western Market courtesy of  Wikipedia
The Connaught Road and Western Market area of Hong Kong is a district where you will find many authentic local traders and if you have time is worth exploring apart from the Western Market itself, that is directed more at tourists. We personally have an interest in food and find it far more interesting to explore the areas not specifically aimed at the tourists. By doing this we also feel that we gain much more of an insight into the local culture. 
Connaught Road was once a waterfront promenade with boats docked against the northern side of the road, which is why originally rice wholesalers gathered there owing to its proximity to the shore. Due to reclamation of the harbour, the whole of Connaught Road has now become landlocked.

Western Market is one of the oldest structures in the area and is the oldest surviving market building in the city. It operated as a food market until 1988. In 1990, it was declared a historical monument and the renovated market building re-opened as "the Western Market" in 1991. It is now home to a wide range of traders including a restaurant on the top floor.

We did not visit the market interior on our most recent trip but we did take a few photos of local traders when we were walking through the district en route to take the tram to Kennedy Town, as part of our mission to have ridden the entire length of the Hong Kong Tram Line.  Both of these will be subjects of a future post, today I will share my photos from our walk along  Connaught Road.

All photos are my own taken in October 2011.
 Copyright All rights reserved by LindyLouMac Photo Collection 
These photos may also be viewed individually in my album entitled Travel Tales - Connaught Road Traders  at My account. 


  1. How fascinating. I must say that I did not think that there would be any buildings looking like that even surviving at all. I always think of it as such a modern city.

  2. Well that market building is much better than the one we go to here in Kuantan! As the oldest building it still looks great!

  3. Love seeing all these photos! Such unusual and interesting things to find at a market, compared to Sweden that is. And Hong Kong is definitely a place a would love to visit in the future. So I really enjoyed this post.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Very interesting to see the street scenes the daily life of the locals in HK.

  5. This looks like such an interesting place to be Linda, and the food looks yummy!
    I've heard that Hong Kong is wonderful to visit.

  6. Must be very "depaysant" to travel there!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots.

    À bientôt****

  7. Interesting post about Hong Kong and great photos. My mum is going there next month and she'll also find this very interesting! Thanks your your follow of my blogs ( and!


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