Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trams in Hong Kong

During our last trip to Hong Kong we completed our exploration of  Hong Kong Tramways by taking the Tram from Western Market to the end of the line in Kennedy Town, so we have now travelled from one end of the line to the other. Travelling by tram is a fascinating way of experiencing the busy city and residential areas of Hong Kong from the western point of the island right across the city to the east side a journey of 13km in total. The trams are nicknamed 'Ding Ding' after the bell used to warn pedestrians and other traffic of their approach.

The tram system is one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong as they have been in existence for over one hundred years. Owned and operated by Veolia Transport, the tramway runs on Hong Kong Island between Shau Kei Wan and Kennedy Town, with a branch circulating Happy Valley. The trams which are an environmentally friendly mass transit system are not surprisingly a major tourist attraction. 

There is lots more information available on the internet about the tramway and in my opinion one of the most interesting and comprehensive articles is to be found at Hong Kong Extras. I will share here with you the photographs I captured of the eye catching advertising that completely covers the trams. There are more photos in my post of an earlier trip, Hong Kong Trip 2010 - Part Three - Hong Kong Trams where you will also find a video from YouTube

Map showing the current tram termini and major stops along the route.

With thanks to the following sites for the background information included in this post. The links will take you directly to the pages on Hong Kong Tramways if you are interested in learning more about the history of the tramway. 

Wikipedia - Hong Kong Tramways    Hong Kong Tramways - Official Website     Hong Kong Extras

All photos unless stated otherwise are my own taken in October 2011.
 Copyright All rights reserved by LindyLouMac Photo Collection 
The tram photos may also be viewed individually in my album entitled Travel Tales - Hong Kong Trams  at My Flickr.com account. 


  1. Definitely a great way to get around to explore!
    As always, thank you for taking us along with you.

  2. Wow, so many double-deckers! I did a tour bus, which was a double decker, in Dublin. And another time I took a hired double decker to and from a wedding in Ireland. That's it. Would be cool to do all the time.

  3. I am glad I read your blog, went to take the trams during my last visit to Hongkong to experience the ride just like yourselves. They are quite slow but at least we dont have to climb so many stairs or walked long distnce as in MRT Station, good to view the street scenes from the top of the tram.

  4. Linda,

    First, I want to thank you for your visits to my blogs and for following and the blogroll linkup. I do so appreciate all who support my humble efforts.

    Next, I spent a good bit of time this afternoon visiting all of your blogs and jumping around your archives. I enjoyed it all. I choose this post to leave my comment on because I shared this and many others with my husband. As a naval officer his career allowed him to traveled the world. Hong Kong is his favorite place on earth. He spent a lot of port calls over the years visiting around Hong Kong and has numerous stories about the city. Since I have never been there (or anywhere he has been) and met him after his retirement he enjoys being able to look at others pictures and tell me the stories they bring to mind. Your photos had him reminiscing to me for a good bit today. I thank you for that, because he has early onset Alzheimer's his short term memory can make our having meaningful conversations difficult some days. Your photos made today a great day for him and thereby for me.

    If it were not for bloggers and post like this one I would never get the chance to see the world. So I also thank you for all those like myself that will never have the luxury of world travel.

    1. As I was unable to reply privately to your message by email I am making an exception and doing so here. I was really touched by your comments, thankyou so very much indeed, they mean so much to me. Hong Kong has a special place in my heart as well because my father spent some of his national service there and used to tell me great stories. Being able to visit these places was a wonderful experience.

  5. Lindo e pouco conheço de lá.Foi bom ver aqui! beijos,chica e desejo linda semana!

  6. Such a vibrant city, isn't it, Lindy?


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