Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter Monday Market - Tywyn - Wales

Wherever we travel we always make a point of visiting local markets as we find that they can be a fascinating  insight into local culture. In many parts of the world the market is still a primary source for the locals requirements and an important source of food. Although this may not be the case so much in the UK these days there are still many areas where local markets are still surviving and depended on by the locals. Where we have our house in Wales there is a year round market (Wednesday) in nearby Machynlleth and in Tywyn itself a weekly market is held on Mondays from Easter until, I think the end of September.

The market season kicks off with a big market on Easter Monday with the High Street and other adjacent areas being taken over by traders for the day.  The market stalls return every Monday throughout the summer months on the market field behind the Corbett Arms Hotel. I had a wander around the market to see what the market brings to Tywyn and was pleased to find a selection of local food suppliers among the usual stalls.

My photos which I hope you found of interest tell the story of a busy day for visitors. Markets of the world have been featured on Travel Tales previously, one of the most famous being the Ladies Market Hong Kong. Markets have also been featured on my other blog  News From Italy

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  1. I gained a real sense of the atmosphere of the market from your photos, Linda. I do love a good browse around a market, especially when visiting a country abroad!

  2. Wow!! What a wonderful market!!!! We have these here in Germany all the time. It's fun to wander around and discover treasures. Jealous beyond belief about your Indian food cart!!! LOVE!!!! Gorgeous photos!

  3. What a colourful market with so many different choices. Love the hats and cheeses

  4. I love markets, even if I end up not buying anything, though that doesn't happen too often..

  5. what's a beautiful market which has so many attractive and colorful things to buy. so, Nice account.

  6. Anytime I can buy cheese that someone clearly made (and didn't come in a plastic container), I am happy! This looks lovely!


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