Friday, June 14, 2013

Blogging Absence Update

An update to explain my continued absence here, hoping to be back soon, when I feel ready to start posting again. 

The best part of the last ten years has been spent with my husband  David living a dream life in Northern Lazio, Italy. Sadly his recent death has meant the end of this adventure. We were a close couple and I do not want to live full time alone in Italy. It is too early yet to say how much time I will spend in Italy every year but sadly I feel it will not be enough to warrant continuing with my blog 'News From Italy'

Thankyou for all the wonderful support I have had from all around the world.

I am dedicating 'News From Italy' to this wonderful man, who was a very special husband, father, brother, son, uncle and friend to all who knew him.

David Stewart McFall July 27th 1950 - May 24th 2013


  1. Lindy I thought so much about you last night. This is such a lovely picture of you and David. I hope that with time you will be able to return to Italy and find comfort in being in the place you both loved so much.

  2. Dear Lindy... he was a fantastic, strong, full of life looking man! You look lovely together, in the photo. Once again, Lindy... I am so sorry and I can't begin to imagine how it must feel, being on your own.

    We are in Italy, at the new house, where we will be spending most of the time, but still have my house and children in UK, so we will be spending time there, too! Especially in Winter, I think!

    I do hope you manage to return to Italy, but I understand why you don't want to be on your own. Do what makes you happy,Lindy... and good luck!

    Please stay in touch. You are a wonderful lady!


    A presto... ANNA


  3. Hi Lindy, I will be following you here. Praying for comfort, peace and direction.
    xo Ginger

  4. Oh I am so very sorry for your loss is such a much loved husband. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers kind thoughts and lots of hugs. Ingrid

  5. I'm with you here, Lindy, wherever your future travels may take you. You're in my thoughts during this very sad time. It's a beautiful photo of the two of you that you posted. Be brave and strong!

  6. Sorry to learn about the loss of your husband. I wish you well where ever your path takes you!

  7. Big hugs, LindyLouMac.
    Wonderful photo. xx

    carol DizzyC

  8. Linda, I am sorry, I don't know how I came to miss this post :( It is, indeed, a beautiful photo of you and your very handsome husband, David. He always looked so strong. Sending hugs your way my friend x


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