Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cascade Trail - Abergynolwyn - Wales

It is time for me to start blogging again but no longer will News From Italy be my main platform for posts because as regular readers know my life has changed dramatically during the course of this year.  I know that David wanted me to continue blogging because when he was ill I told him that I was going to give up completely to spend all my time with him. He was in fact upset by this suggestion as he felt I enjoyed the virtual interaction with people from all over the world that shared our passion for Italy. He was right of course so I intend to try and make Travel Tales as successful as News From Italy had become because this was his wish. I think it will be hard at times as I still have lots of  posts to share from our travels together over the last year of his life.

However I hope that your support and encouragement will continue to motivate me. Easing myself in gently I will start with some of the lovely places I am discovering in the vicinity of my base here in Wales, starting today with a recent walk I took with my sister, The Cascade Trail.  We started our walk from Abergynolwyn village having driven there from Tywyn. Leaving the car in the car park by the Village Community Centre and Cafe we took the short steep walk up to the trail. It is also possible though to catch the train from the Talyllyn Railway in Tywyn and join the trail from one of the stations as there is a Stations Link walk between Abergynolwyn and Nant Gwernol stations.

The trail follows a rocky river gorge with cascading waterfalls and beautiful woodland surroundings. The Cascade Trail is a short one ascending the valley close to the riverside, a longer route the Quarryman's trail takes one higher above the Tal-y-llyn valley to the ruined mine workings of Bryn Eglwys. No time for the longer walk this time so we instead took the bridge across the valley and descended the valley again via the old mine tramway, ruins of the mine's drumhouse and the station before making our way further down to the village again.

I hope my photos have enabled you to enjoy a virtual walk of the 'Cascade Trail' 
NB: For larger view just click on individual photo.

For those planning a visit.
OS Grid Reference: SH 681 067

The following website links may also be of interest:
Forestry Commission - Wales     Natural Resources - Wales

Snowdonia National Park   Talyllyn Railway

All photos are my own taken in July 2013. 
 Copyright All rights reserved by LindyLouMac Photo Collection 
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  1. Hi Linda, a fabulous post and your photos are brilliant, So happy to know that you have not given up blogging.. David is right behind you and so are we. We love the interaction we had with you and your Italian blog ,, it will be the same here too, take care , big hugs,,

  2. Dear Linda - I think that you have now overcome the biggest hurdle for getting back into blogging. The first step is the hardest, and I am sure you will find all of your blog friends will be both supportive and encouraging. They will bring you friendship and moments you can share.
    Wales is a beautiful country, and it looks as if you and your sister enjoyed a delightful day out following the rocky river gorge.
    It was lovely to see you on my sidebar once again.

  3. oh Linda I'm so glad you are still blogging and I know your wonderful husband would be happy as well, I enjoyed my walk with you today, I look forward to many more,

  4. Hi Linda, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear husband. I know that you will miss him immensely, but I think he is smiling down on you from heaven. Happy to see you blogging again. Loved the beautiful pictures along this trail. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  5. You are so lovely and brave to treasure your David as you share your travel memories you have with him. XO I'm so glad you're blogging again. I love seeing the world through your eyes. Continuing to wish you comfort and peace and quiet joy as you remember and celebrate your love. XO

  6. David is with you all the way. Having visited the area recently I know what a wonderful place you live in and an ideal place to come to terms with your loss.
    Jackie in Surrey UK.x

  7. Hoping that life is bearable for you and sending you lots of warm wishes.

    Lovely lovely shots.

  8. Hi Linda so good to have you back and Anne I think has said it all. I am so glad that you have family close by. Take care and remember we are all behind you no matter what. Diane

  9. Dear Linda, Welcome back. It must be hard but I think you are a strong woman. I believe from what you said on your other blog that David would want you to continue. Bringing beauty to the world from an artist's eye also brings joy to the I look forward to seeing you again. I am terribly sorry for your loss. xo Jenny

  10. I am here and followed this one. if you want to stop on the other one everyone will follow over here. i enjoyed the trail and especially the train photos

  11. Hallo Linda. As I've just mentioned on your other blog, it is SO good to see you back here in the blogging world. We have all missed you and your wonderful photos. It is good that David wanted you to carry on blogging. You have gained many friends from, as you say, all over the world, and it would be such a shame to lose all that. As I well know, our bloggy friends can be so encouraging and supportive, sharing in our happy times and, also, the sad times. This looks like such a pretty place, and I love the waterfalls. You really do take some gorgeous photos! Take care my friend x

  12. What a charming magical place. I know very little about Wales (and look forward to learning more here) but magical and charming seem to be words I've heard about your new country. The pictures bear that out for sure!

  13. Keep blogging, life goes on. Been dormant in my blog too cause of a sick close family member.

  14. What stunning photos so glad you are back. Sending you lots of hugs and kind thoughts

  15. Fantastic pics of a beautiful country. It doesn't have the weather you'd find in Italy but it does have some amazing scenery - being Welsh I am rather biased!

    In common with everyone else, it is lovely to have you back.
    With very best wishes. As you continue your journey I'm sure David will be with you every step of the way, and your blogging friends are right behind you.

  16. Good Afternoon Linda, I found you, then I lost you, and now I have found you again. I am so pleased that you have returned to blogging. With every touch of the keyboard, David will be smiling and so pleased that you are sharing your adventures with us.
    Wales is a beautiful part of the country and my friend has just returned from a visit to Portmeirion.
    The Cascade Trail looks like a beautiful walk. I think maybe it is time George and I dug out our walking boots.
    With warmest wishes to you,


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