Monday, February 24, 2014

Holy Trinity Church - Bansko - Bulgaria

The Greek Orthodox 'Holy Trinity' Church in Bansko is one of the most important and historic landmarks in the town. Therefore well deserving of a post especially to share my photos with you, although unfortunately no internal ones as cameras were not allowed.  Building of the church by local craftsmen commenced in 1835, when it was first consecrated. Within three years a monastery school had been built in the churchyard, the tower was not added until 1850 and it did not get a clock until 1865.

Since its construction during Ottoman rule the church has established itself as the spiritual and cultural centre of Bansko. Playing an important part in the revival of the Bulgarian National spirit and independence in 1912, this place of Orthodox religion was apparently supported by many educated men, that were also revolutionaries.

If you are interested in learning more about the murals, icons, architecture and general history of the building information plus photos can be found by visiting these links.  Bansko - Holy Trinity Church   About The Holy Trinity Church

It was raining when my sister and I visited, hence the spot on lens!

More rain spots, plus if you look carefully, the painting photographed below.

I was particularly pleased with the following photos of the storks nest on the church tower.  It is said that a pair of white storks return to the nest each year, something I would love to see for myself, an event that is very important  to the locals and of course a great visitor attraction. 

Just imagine this photo with a stork nesting here!
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                                               All photos are my own taken in January 2014

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More photos from this trip may also be viewed individually in the collection entitled  
Bansko - Bulgaria at My Flickr  account.


  1. Good Morning LindyLou, The Greek Orthodox Church at Bansko looks like an interesting church to visit. It reminds me of the Greek Orthodox Church in Larnaca, Cyprus. The brickwork is really interesting to see because there seems to be two different styles. To have captured a pair of storks nesting would have been a fabulous photograph, and one to treasure, but it is still a treat to see a complete stork's nest.... it is huge.
    Thank you for the virtual trip to Bansko to see the church, I enjoyed it very much.
    Best Wishes

  2. i like that second photo of the clock tower, so beautiful and wow, the storks built there home right on the edge...
    a beautiful church and it is a lot younger than most of the ones you post... about the age of our oldest buildings.

  3. Some great shots here. It must be fun watching the storks nest and the youngsters grow up. Keep well Diane

  4. I like the rainy lazy atmoshere of this place!

  5. I was just about to say, "that has GOT to be Linda's sister" and then I read the comment underneath. :-) How wonderful to share this adventure together. :-)

  6. Thank you for this post!
    Signature - a Bulgarian woman

  7. What a beautiful church! Love the murals, and the tower with the stork's nest. Well, it's all just gorgeous!


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