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Mandalay - Part Three - Impressions of Myanmar - Burma

On our third day in Mandalay we took the morning ferry to the ancient city of Mingun on the west bank of the Ayeyarwady River about 11km(7 miles) upstream from Mandalay. Just under an hour on the public service ferry boats especially laid on for tourists, which leave the Mayanchan jetty early every morning.

The first photo at the top of the post was taken from the ticket office for the ferry to Mingun and shows the tourist area for the jetty. The people wearing the yellow jackets were the 'Tourist Police' there to supervise. My daughter and I had our photo taken with two of them and I will use this photo today and the one in the office on my photography blog for 'World at Work' and 'Faces on Friday' LindyLouMac's World in Photos  The jetty was actually very busy apart from the tourist boats as shown in the next photo.

We did wonder if we were going to be travelling on a ferry like this one above, but there were special boats for the tourists, which was just as well I think! However to get to our boat we did still have to walk a very precarious plank which was fun.

Approaching Mingun even from a distance the view of the enormous ruins of the Mingun Phato Pagoda towers over everything is impressive. Built by King Bodawpaya it was intended to be the largest pagoda in the world, only a third of it was ever completed, but it is still a spectacular sight.  At the time of our visit it was closed to the public due to the state it is in, but maybe one day it will once again be possible to climb this amazing structure.

On arrival we explored the village and I took loads of photos of which I have selected just a few to share here. We did not use the taxi's we walked!

 Pondaw Pagoda 

 Hsinbyume Pagoda (Myatheindan Pagoda) was built by King Bagyidaw in 1816, in memory of his favorite wife. Its unusual architecture is quite striking. It is based on the Sulamani Pagoda on the peak of the mythical golden mountain of Meru, which is the center of the universe in Buddhist-Hindu cosmology. Seven terraces with with undulating rails - representing the seven mountain ranges around Mount Meru - lead up the stupa, and all the way along are niches in which mythical monsters such as Nats, orgres and Nagas (mythical serpents) stand guard.

The Mingun Bell, with a height of 3.7 metres,  is said to be the largest working bell in the world. The Kremlin bell in Moscow is actually bigger but it is cracked and therefore not in use. Weighing 90 metric tons, the Mingun Bell was cast in bronze in 1808, and once it was completed the master craftsman was executed in order to stop him making anything similar!  These young ladies asked to have their photos taken with my daughter, we were such a novelty to them.

After lunch we took the ferry back to Mayanchan jetty and returned to our hotel for a few hours relaxation before meeting up again in the early evening with our friendly guide, Poonya to have a drink together and enjoy the sunset at the 'Dagon Beer Station' 

We returned to our hotel for supper and an early night as Poonya was collecting us the next morning at 5.30am. We were catching a ferry to Bagan, a ten hour trip on the Ayeyarwady River, which will be the subject of my next Myanamar post.

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With thanks to the following sites for some of the background information included in this post. The links will take you directly to the official websites if you are interested in learning more about Mandalay. I also used my Insight Guide to Myanmar for reference.

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                  All photos are my own taken in December 2013 unless otherwise mentioned.

More Mandalay photos can be found on Flickr in My Album entitled Mandalay, Myanmar. which contains over 500 photos just from our three days!


  1. a very beautiful place to visit.. and i am glad you did not ride on that first ferry... looks scary to me.. but theni am afraid of boats so not a good judge..I am sure you were on beauty overload at the end of each day

  2. Wow the ruins are amazing what a sight. The size of the bell how long must this have taken to make

  3. A very interesting description of your ferry trip. Seeing a different way-of-life is thought-provoking. Walking the plank looks precarious! The ruins, the white painted temple with the symbolic architecture and the story about the huge bell - all fascinating. What a stunning sunset!

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  5. I just loved this, Linda. :-) So many colors and unusual buildings, transportation, etc. :-)

  6. So enjoyed visiting Mayanmar with you, what an amazing trip it must have been. Not sure I could have managed that gangplank!

  7. Adorei conhecer mais um pouco sobre Mayanmar!
    Os barcos parecem os que são usados aqui pelos rios da Amazônia!
    Se um dia quiseres vir ao Brazil, vamos nos conhecer.


  8. Excellent photos! Glad you had the chance to see such interesting places.

  9. What a beautiful place to visit. Have just tried to catch up with your posts, we have been so busy and very little time for blogging!! Have a good day and take care Diane

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