Monday, August 25, 2014

Mandalay to Bagan - Ferry - Ayeyarwady River - Impressions of Myanmar - Burma

On our last day in Mandalay we returned to our hotel for supper and an early night, after watching the sunset as our taxi driver was collecting us the next morning at 5.30am. We were catching a ferry to Bagan, a ten hour trip on the Ayeyarwady River, the subject of this post. 
The first photo above was taken soon after our journey started, a very misty sunrise and so atmospheric, it must have been a very special view from that balloon.

Thank goodness that we were not travelling on this ferry, which loomed up out of the mist!
I am not sure what I was expecting the ferry to be like, but somehow I had expected it to be a little larger than the boat we were shepherded onto when we arrived at Myanchan Jetty. With just twelve passengers though it was fine with enough comfort and space for the long day ahead. We left Manadalay at 7am with an an expected arrival time in Bagan of 5pm.  We had two breakfasts as the hotel had provided us with a packed one and we were also given one onboard.  Along with the coffee, cold drinks and noodle lunch that was provided we did not go hungry or thirsty.  When we first set sail it was extremely chilly and we were glad of the blanket and pashmina that we had with us! If not the most comfortable way to travel it was certainly one of the more fascinating ways as we were able to appreciate how the Burmese in this region live on the river and in the many villages along the banks.  I will let the photos do the rest, hope you enjoy the journey. 

Finally we approached Bagan just before 5pm and as arranged by our guide in Mandalay we were met by a friend of his at the dock who took us to our Guest House in Bagan. 

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With thanks to the following sites for some of the background information included in my Myanmar posts. The links will take you directly to the official websites if you are interested in learning more about the country. I also used my Insight Guide to Myanmar for reference.

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All photos are my own taken in December 2013 unless otherwise mentioned.

More photos can be found on Flickr in My Album entitled   Ayeyarwady River Trip. 


  1. So much going on along the riverbank.What a great way to see a country.

  2. Hi Lindy Lou, i thought we were in Myanmar maybe at the same time, you were earlier. That boat trip maybe a bit scary but the sceneries are super lovely. I can imagine the wonderful wide angle views with all those payas on the horizon. We went direct from Yangon to Bagan by bus at almost the same length as your boat ride. We also want to visit Mandalay but we have very limited time. That will be for next time.

  3. Hi Lindy, I'm so sorry to hear the news. I'm glad you're travelling, soothes and inspires the soul

  4. Wow what an adventure! I didn't know Burma was beautiful like that, I live nearby, have been there once didn't really go around much. Love the first photo.

  5. Some of your photos look almost magical.

  6. Amazing photos but I must admit I would have been nervous on that ferry

  7. Great way to really learn about the country -- because you saw so much along the banks and because you learned (as you say) so much more about the people and how they really live. You are a true traveler (not just a tourist!).

  8. Beautiful shots of the place. Would love to visit sometime.

  9. I've enjoyed sitting here this morning looking at your photos and some of your posts on this area. What a remarkable trip. It makes me look around me and appreciate my little luxuries. There are such contrasts and those that are struggling to make a living. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane


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