Thursday, February 9, 2017

World at Work 8 - Street Vendors and Delivery Men - Xian - China

Photos taken from my archives that due to the dramatic changes in my life when David became ill I have never shared here before. Travel Tales has always been an online scrapbook of my life adventures for myself as well as all the lovely people that follow me, so I hope you will not mind me going back in time for my latest World at Work post.

All these photos were taken during a trip to Xian ( the home of the Terracotta Army) in China and will give an idea of the hustle and bustle of this city.

More information about Xian can be found by following these links.  The first two are my own previous posts on this blog about my visit.     Xian Trip   and Faces on Friday - Xian

   Wikipedia - Xian       Xian - Travel China       China Highlights - Xian      Xian - Lonely Planet

   Trip Advisor - Top Ten Things to do in Xian



  1. all amazing photos and I love them every single one. the pineapple cart is my favorite, the first one. I just love the thought of it. looks like they can carry anything at all on a bike..

  2. Wonderful street life. It seems you can stand in the middle of the city and watch life going on in a way that it is harder to do in Western societies than it used to be. It's amazing what they can carry on a mere bike, isn't it!

  3. Very good street photography. You observe people and catch right moment.

  4. We loved Xian. We were glad to have arrived early in the day, to walk around the old wall and appreciate the street life because the next two days brought such heavy smog that I truly could not see my hand at the end of my outstretched hand. Such lovely photos you have posted!

  5. I love sharing your memories! What a wonderful place it must be.


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