Friday, February 3, 2017

Faces On Friday - Hong Kong - Kowloon - Jade Market - Saleswoman

Jade Market - Kowloon - Hong Kong

The Jade Market in Hong Kong is always worth a visit. There are so many traders there that it can be very difficult to decide where, if you are going to purchase some jade, you should do so. My advice is avoid the pushy salespeople that do nothing except pester you and choose someone to buy from that you feel comfortable dealing with. I purchased from this lovely lady who was very friendly and helpful but not in a pushy way.

Jade has a very special meaning to the Chinese, it is considered a sacred stone that symbolizes purity and morality and stands for beauty and grace.

More Information about the Jade Market can be found by visiting the following links.

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  1. these would be good for St Patrick's day.

  2. It doesn't look as though this lady is used to having her photo taken, she looks very nervous.

  3. Beautiful jade -- and lovely art/craftsmanship..... That's good advice about any salesperson in my opinion.

  4. Sorry about the difficulty to get to my blog - and thank you for persevering! I wrote you an email about my urls with direct links - see if they work, and please let me know!
    Oh...jade -so beautiful. Lovely post, LindyLou! My son told me that they call jade the "gold" and the real jade (not the jade dust) can be more expensive than gold! There was a jade factory with the most beautiful pieces by the Great Wall in Beijing:) Wish you a beautiful week!


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