Friday, January 27, 2017

Faces On Friday - Hong Kong - Schoolgirls

In China again for Faces on Friday but in Hong Kong, where the children wear very formal uniforms. These young girls were very happy to model for me!


  1. we need some form of uniform in our schools. there hair is so pretty and great shot of them

  2. Lovely pic. They wear school uniforms down here in Devon. I do like to see if, and I do think it helps discipline.

  3. They seem happy with life! And to have their picture taken.

  4. Fab picture. All my grandchildren wear School uniforms and look smart. But the school girls around here don't look like that!!! .. You know what I mean. So you are in Hong Kong again :-) how super.

  5. My goodness are they wearing gym slips? Almost looks as if they might be the British influence lingering on for 80 years after gym slips went out of style here.

    1. Yes, gym slips, the school uniform in Hong Kong is still very formal.


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