Friday, January 20, 2017

Faces On Friday - Xian - China - People Watching

People Watching in Xian
The weather was cold but sunny in Xian when I was there and there were plenty of opportunities for people watching. You will notice there is a contrast in the style of dress between the generations.

Taxi anyone?


These young ladies wanted me to take their photo and also wanted photos with me!

Playing Cards

Not sure how to tackle this!
Watching the fountain display
I cannot get the hang of  how this moves!
Crossing Patrol

These photos are all taken from my archives of which I have many and are from my trip to Xian in March 2010 with David, sadly for many reasons I have not got round to sharing via blogging before now but hopefully the date is irrelevant and you will still find them interesting.

Travel Tales has always been an online scrapbook of my life adventures for myself as well as for all the lovely people that follow me, so I hope you will not mind me going back in time for awhile while I catch up.


  1. They are really beautiful people photos and I really love the family shot. I do see the difference in the clothing and the fashions. They all seem to be having a wonderful time and looks like they are people watching too. I wonder if there are any pictures of you floating around in China

  2. Very good illustrations from Chinese steets!

  3. China is a trip, eh? So different from Europe or this side of the pond! Its already 9 years ago we traveled to several cities with our son, because he was teaching there. The crowds of people everywhere is a feature!

  4. Thanks for your reply! Yes, you're very welcome to join ALL SEASONS! The (photo)link list is open from Sunday am through Wednesday evening (7pm Pacific time), and it's about ANY experience in the Seasons (so not only nature). This week's link…2-roller-coaster/
    Hope to see you there! Have a great week:)

  5. Love your photos no matter when they were taken. I love to travel and do travel posts often. Have a wonderful week, Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. Sweet memories Lindy. Thank you for sharing them -- it is NEVER too late for that. Interesting the difference in dress between generations.

  7. These are lovely pictures. They almost make me feel as if I am there, they're the kind of thing you see as you glance around. Not a problem that they are a few years old, they are as full of life as ever they would have been at the time.


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