Friday, March 3, 2017

Faces On Friday - Limassol - Lemesos - Cyprus

Two weeks ago I was enjoying the warmth of the winter sunshine in Limassol, Cyprus. There were lots of people of all ages groups out and about along the Promenade, giving me lots of opportunity to capture some more faces for this feature.


 Do you have a favourite?  Mine is the gentlemen playing backgammon they were really organised having set up chairs and table in the sunshine on the promenade. 

                  Information about Limassol can be found by visiting the following links.

                     Limassol City Guide   Trip Advisor -Limassol   Wikipedia - Limassol   


  1. I like the man reading on the bench and the lady with the stone eggs best, but they are all really good.

    1. I nearly picked the lady jumping stones, but decided against it at the last minute for a closer face shot!

  2. I also was intrigue by the two mentioned above especially the man with his hood up reading the book and I couldn't help but wonder what that woman was doing. Looks as though she is jumping over the stone eggs!

  3. Looks that they are enjoying first days of spring!😀

  4. Good Evenin Lindylou, I know Limassol well, so it was lovely seeing your photographs of the promenade.
    Backgammon is a favourite game in Cyprus and you will see men of all ages, sitting outside cafes, drinking their strong Cyprus coffee and enjoying a game of backgammon.
    My husband used to play backgammon with his friend Nikos, in a cafe on the sea front of Larnaca.
    Lovely memories.
    Best Wishes

  5. What a lovely selectiIon of photos for us today. How lovely for them all to be enjoying the sunshine like that. I'm very envious!

  6. Great photos. One place I still need to see. Diane

  7. A nice winter getaway for you and as usual I am in awe of your ability to capture the moods of a place through candid shots of its people. I like the saxaphone player -- how he just pulled up a kitchen stool and started playing. It would be such a fun place to stroll around in the sunshine. Those egg-shaped rocks are intriguing as well.


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